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Hello world!

Uncategorized - Joe Campbell - July 31, 2016

“Hello world!” – those 2 words have always meant something to anyone who has every toyed with code. They are a symbol of success, of a success so small, and yet the first sign that you can speak a new language. And here they come as the first post to a WordPress blog, without any coding or work – here unearned.

This is the home page of an NYC resident working in B2B technology.

A Philosophy major from Holy Cross, I started out as a co-owner of RichDJ Web Services, an NYC startup. From there, I became a paralegal with the intention of going into law. After a number of years, I became disenchanted with the law, as I saw one wacky conclusion after another, and decided to build my career in technology instead.

This will be a place for quotes, for links to other places, for photos, for commentary on management and technology. (Not for politics – for that, I will write elsewhere.)

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